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Jan St. Werner

Oos Instruments


  • Jan St. Werner






Varying dimensions


Collected stones at the Oos riverbed

Edition of 20

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Jan St. Werner (*1969, Nuremberg, lives and works in Berlin) has been a long-term collaborator with the new program of Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden Baden. His engagement has increased the listening skills, and developed an ongoing interest in hearing our environment. As part of the repertoire his public art work Encourage the Stream (2021) was a significant act aiming to invite the Baden-Badeners to listen to their location through diverse frequencies including the sound of the river Oos. His interest in investigating the various levels of experimenting with the sound of water is continuing with this edition. 

Oos Instruments is matter in transition. In rivers they slowly change shape and location over long periods of time. In dry environments, they can emit sound waves immediately as high frequency clicks. These clicks can travel long distances and are reflected by their environment as echoes and reverberations. Owning a set of Oos Instruments makes you a member of the Oos Orchestra, a heterogenous collective that responds closely to its surroundings by the irreverent activation of matter through sound. 

All stones are numbered in 20 pairs based on their shape and eventually come together as an imaginative orchestra.