45cbm: Matthew Lutz-Kinoy & Natsuko Uchino




  • Matthew Lutz-Kinoy
  • Natsuko Uchino


  • Roos Gortzak

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Kindly supported by ECHTWALD.

KERAMIKOS is a ceramics collection dedicated to celebrating local food and collaboration through the framework of a two year long ceramic tour. For KERAMIKOS Baden-Baden, artists Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and Natsuko Uchino will debut the first formal presentation of their handmade ceramic banquet set in the Kunsthalle Baden-Baden's studio space 45 cbm.

The exhibition continues in the museum cafe: On April 6th at 6 PM a finissage titled Bathrobe Baden-Baden motivates the collection onwards featuring Lutz-Kinoy's latest edition of bathrobes modeled by friends and a poetry reading by Dena Yago and Alex Field.

The exhibition is curated by Roos Gortzak.