23.01.2020 – 7 pm
Movie ight: Import Export

At the request of the artist, the Staatliche Kunsthalle is showing the feature film “Import Export” by Austrian filmmaker Ulrich Seidl. Olga is employed as a nurse in the Ukraine, but is no longer paid. In Austria she tries her luck as a domestic helper and ends up in a geriatric clinic as a cleaner. The young Viennese Paul, on the other hand, loses his job as a security guard and has to settle his debts by setting up slot machines in the Ukraine with his stepfather.
With ruthless images Seidl creates an impressive social analysis marked by dark humanism – similar to the works of Boris Mikhailov, which inspired him.

Ulrich Seidl, Austria, 2007, 135 min, OmU, FSK 16

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30.01.2020 7 am
Luisa Heese in conversation with Inka Schube

Inka Schube, an expert on the work of Boris Mikhailov, speaks with Luisa Heese about the artist, his development and the Western view on Eastern Europe. The art historian thus provides further insights into one of the most exciting photographic positions of our time. Inka Schube is curator for photography at Sprengel Museum in Hanover and previously worked as a freelance curator. For many years, she worked at the Photo gallery of Brotfabrik Berlin where Mikhailov had his first solo exhibition in Germany.

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08.02.2020 6 am
Jazz Night with Thomas Neuhauser

The Ukrainian photo artist Boris Mikhailov provoked the authorities in the former Soviet Union with unembellished everyday photos and self-deprecating nude pictures. Like any good art, his work is not conformist to the system, but resistant and idiosyncratic. This is also true about the jazz scene of the USSR and the entire Eastern bloc, which usually led an intense, unadjusted life of its own under the radar of cultural functionaries.

This evening, Thomas Neuhauser, long-time ARTE editor and music journalist, will use music examples from various eras to show that jazz, wherever it was played, has always been free and liberating music.


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