Jan St. Werner – Encourage The Stream

Sound installation in the park at Lichtentaler Allee

Encourage The Stream (2021) by Jan St. Werner, half of the electronic music group Mouse on Mars, functions as an acoustic amplification of the Oos River, which flows through the park as the heart of Baden-Baden and shapes its nature. In an attempt to communicate with the Oos, Werner places a microphone just above the water and transports the sound of the river through loudspeakers beyond the riverbank into the park toward the Kunsthalle. Thereby, Werner creates the possibility to explore and perceive the Oos at different frequencies of sound (acoustically) and create new spatial relationships. The active act of listening creates a perceptual experience of distance and proximity. The moment when these two levels mix acoustically creates a connection that, beyond listening, triggers cognitive processes and transforms one’s way of seeing. In this work, the acoustic supersedence of space and time also stands for engagement with the forces of nature. It is therefore no coincidence that the first large-scale public art work commissioned by Çağla İlk and Misal Adnan Yıldız for their tenure as directors of the Kunsthalle Baden-Baden is a single project of an experimental artistic practice that brings together the fields of visual art and sound. By engaging with nature in their close vicinity, institutions, like people themselves, can support and connect with their environment and experience its preservation as a sensory and material resource.

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DAF (Dynamic Acoustic Research) – U-

Light and sound installation in Lichtentaler Allee park

The collective DAF (Dynamic Acoustic Research), which understands itself as an unconfined community that has evolved under the mentorship of Jan St. Werner at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg, approaches the audience both acoustically and visually with its work from the series U- (2021). The backlit sign with a white U on a blue background installed in the park at Lichtentaler Allee is surrounded by noises reminiscent of the soundscapes of underground transportation systems: a rhythmic thumping, a heavy grinding, interspersed with bright ringing. The spontaneously adaptive transformation of the site through its connection to a symbolic network undermines the absolute unconditionality of reality. The work opens the space for real and imaginary possibilities and the places and non-places in which they connect.

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Sunette L. Viljoen & Egemen Demirci – Exclusive Incline

Sculptural installation in public space

In their collaborative work Exclusive Incline (2020), Sunette L. Viljoen and Egemen Demirci take on the object properties of an awning to address questions about conceptual boundaries of abstraction, space, and exhibition practices. The two artists began working together on this project in Berlin and are now transferring the concept to the urban space of Baden-Baden, which they have observed in detail for this purpose. The minimalist, intensely colored awning, designed especially for Baden-Baden, creates a private space in public through its unusual dimensions. Yet when approached, the awning reveals screen-printed inscribed phrases such as “Guilt carries the deed.” The object thus becomes a metaphor for the sociopolitical turning away from questions of guilt and the concomitant arrogance of the perpetrator’s role. Viljoen and Demirci’s work invites the audience to reflect within this private-public space on the motivations in personal and public life that follow a similar path and create their own needs and spaces.

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