19.10.2019 – 18 o’clock
Jazz night with Thomas Neuhauser

Actually, nothing is as it seems. Even in contemporary jazz and new electronic music, the first sound impression is often incomplete, remains on the surface and does not do justice to the work. Thomas Neuhauser, longtime ARTE editor, will show again this evening with selected and annotated music examples that sometimes the second level is more interesting when listening. Of course, with reference to the artist’s work, the Scandinavian jazz and music scene will play a special role.

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25.07.2019 18:30 o’clock
Summer dialogues

6:30 pm Short tour of the exhibition
7:30 pm  Is everything allowed, what befits?
Reflections on the freedom of art in times of political irritation

The history of the modern age can also be described as a history of progressive art liberation. Almost always there were conservative circles, which ran against an offensive work of art storm. Since the MeToo debate at the latest, however, just the left-liberal milieu, which has always regarded art freedom as a high good, is ready to scandalise and banish works of art if these are perceived by women or members of discriminated minorities as offensive. At the same time, the political opponent is getting ready, as evidenced by the case of the Thuringian public prosecutor, who had been appealed against an action artist group on suspicion of “forming a criminal organization”.
It seems that the freedom of art today is threatened by two sides. What does this escalation tell about the changed understanding of art and its social function? And what do the narrowing spaces mean for art and artists, for the public and the public?
Admission: 15 € (including free drink)

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05.07.2019 19 o’clock
Opening and summer party

Welcome: Luisa Heese
Greetings & farewell: State Secretary Petra Olschowski
Acknowledgment: Johan Holten
Introduction: Hendrik Bündge

Around 8:30 pm: Reading about Nina Canells and Robin Watkins’ work »Reflexologies« with Henning Lundkvist (* 1981 in Sweden, is an artist and writer).

Following: BBQ on the terrace to the avenue with a musical background (playlist by Henning Lundkvist).

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