The focus of RDD (Robo Dynamic Diffusion) is the unfolding of the spatial effects of sound by decoupling sounds from instruments to move freely in space. The movement of the sound bodies through robotic objects in the architecture creates acoustic reflections and resonances, sound waves break on the structural forms and set the environment into vibrations. The venue itself becomes part of the instrument and is actively involved in the composition: a transformation of space into sound.
RDD is a project by Michael Akstaller, Nele Jäger, Oliver Mayer, and Jan St. Werner.

Paulinhx Desbats

During the performance program, the foyer will be transformed into an imaginative garden with special lighting techniques to offer a visual sensation reminiscent of a cosmic mother’s womb as the artistic signature of Paulinhx Desbats.

They originate from the Basque Country and currently reside in Berlin. They are passionate about sound, gardening, food cultures, and sustainable design.