Many of Mehtap Baydu’s works are created with a network of women. Thus, as the title With Mothers and Daughters suggests, her appearance at the Kunsthalle also becomes a performative act of coming together and sharing with women.

In Turkish tradition, certain dishes are named in reference to the beauty and eroticism of female body parts. For example, there is a meat dish called “Analı Kızlı” [mother and daughter], a soup called “Dul avrat Çorbası” [widow’s soup], and a dessert called “Dilber Dudağı” [sweetheart’s lips]. During the performance, the artist will prepare nine dishes with nine women and later consume them with 39 invited guests. Only dishes are served that bear the designation of parts of the female body or are related to the feminine. During the several days of collective cooking, the focus will be on exchange and reflection on traditions and social conventions. Discussion of gender roles and the questioning of social norms will also characterize the dinner with the guests.

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