American artist Selene States (*1984 in Providence, USA, lives and works in London) will be inaugurating 45cbm with her installation “Swing Shoe Shop”, transforming the former bookshop into an emporium of original 1920’s-40’s dance shoes, reminiscent of the vibrant Swing culture of the inter-war era.

A video projection of swing dance choreography occupies the central floor of the space, with 52 pairs of vintage shoes presented on the surrounding walls, each with their own stories available on the accompanying gallery audio guide. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in this stimulating commercial environment of urban music and dance culture, where shoes may be purchased as ready-mades or for actual use.
Curated by Hendrik Bündge.

After the opening of the studio space, we invite you to celebrate with us in 1920’s style to swing, jazz and electronic dance music with DJ 3st at Café Kunsthalle.