Sebastian Winkler (*1979) develops three-dimensional retrospective images in his installations and drawings. The tangible materiality or practical classifiability of this image triggers associations within the observer. In both his paper collages and his installations, made from firebrick, wire and textiles, a topography evolves which opens up a mentally accessible space. Here, fragments of memory are transformed into palpable forms and structures.
The delicate forms of the wire indicate an architecture of memory, where meaning ultimately becomes evident through the specific use of the textiles. The poetic element of the work lies in both the pictorial as well as its installation-based dimension.

Opening on Saturday, October 27, 2012, 7 PM
Greeting: Johan Holten, Elena Korowin

Following the greeting art historian Christina Irrgang will give an introductory speech on the artist’s oeuvre.
After the opening singer Orest Skakun will present some songs from his new album “Wilderer”.