1 pm-3pm Children’s Art Time
2 pm guided tour with the Talking Heads: Students of the Gymnasium Hohenbaden show their favorite works
3 pm Director tour with Johan Holten
7 pm Poetry slam show. in cooperation with ART BANKETT

Political Therapy Workshop
The American artist Liz Magic Laser has teamed up with theater therapist Louise Platt to design a workshop using group therapy and meditation methods to connect personal experiences with political developments. As a group, the participants go through various activities that help them to find connections between depressing world events and personal feelings and to facilitate the release of frustrations. The workshop is limited to 10 participants, registration is requested. The exact times will be announced. The workshop will take place in English.

Presentation of artistic contributions of the Art Therapy Department of the Median Clinic Gunzenbachhof Baden-Baden
In the course of a workshop in March 2019, patients of the median clinic Gunzenbachhof deal with the exhibition “Psyche as the scene of the political”. Selected reactions will be presented in the open-plan office of the Kunsthalle.