Prof. Dr. Two years ago Claus Leggewie put forward something like his manifesto on Europe, which he titled: “Europe first” and in the subtitle he says it could be something like a declaration of independence.

He can no longer bear to hear over and over again the extent to which European right-wing populism, with its xenophobic slogans, occupies much too much space in political debates.

In his experience, a lively network of ideas and initiatives has long since developed in the European base, beyond the Brussels EU institutions – mostly by young Europeans, who want to take their future into their own hands in a globalized world, and who embrace xenophobic provincialism Everlasting populists and nationalists do not want to bid. He calls these new European networkers “agents of change”. In his thorough analysis of the ideas and initiatives of young and older Europeans, he notes how much Europe is a continent of the future.

In his lecture, Prof. Leggewie will try to find out if and how big after the election to the new parliament the chances for the future Europe are. Claus Leggewie is considered one of the leading German intellectuals. He is Ludwig Börne Professor of Political Science at the University of Giessen and Director of the Center for Global Cooperation Research in Duisburg. He was a member of the Advisory Council of the Federal Government Global Environmental Change.U.v.a.more.

Venue: Kulturhaus LA8
Admission 5 euros. For pupils and students admission is free