The works of Leipzig-based artist Luise Schröder (*1982) deal with the reconstruction and instrumentalization of history in present time. At the studio space 45cbm she presents her multimedia installation „She takes a hand herself in history“, produced in 2015 in Israel and now shown for the first time in Germany. This work is devoted to the kibbutz, an attempt of a socialist utopia in Israel. By arranging historical images, filmic reenactments and interviews with young women in kibbutzim, Schröder touches topics such as living in a (failed) social utopia, todays’ role of women compared to previous generations, as well as the functions of photography for the collective visual memory.

Opening: Friday, 9 December 2016 at 7 PM
Introduction: Luisa Heese and Luise Schröder

With kind support by Stiftung Landesbank Baden-Württemberg and Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft e.V. Baden-Baden