The Danish artist Lene Markusen (*1973) stages an exhibition filled with provocative questions and promises of salvation at Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden’s Studioraum 45cbm. Based on a collection of leaflets which offer healing, love and a feeling of community an ‘inner’ space with a multitude of projections is created. This conglomeration offers the viewer the opportunity to become part of a larger unity – or is it just an empty promise? The room gets expanded acoustically through a soundtrack by Christian Mevs which consists of tones of different religious communities’ collective situations. In her room and sound installation the artist balances presence and absence, community and loneliness.

Alongside the installation the visitors will not only be able to look at the artist’s collection of leaflets, but can also donate new ones themselves.

Opening: 26.7.2013, 7 PM
Introduction: Elena Korowin

Followed by: Screening of ‘The inner mission’ (2011, 14 min) by Lene Markusen