The exhibition The Savage Hits Back comprises artworks and finds of different materials and techniques, from different times and different cultural backgrounds presented in the manner of a cabinet of curiosities and wonders. Laura Lesser (*1984) draws the fresco sketch (1845) for the Berlin dome by Peter Cornelius on a scale of 1:1, following a large format photography. She draws the woodcut from Hans Holbein’s Dance of the Death (1526), following a facsimile, and paints the incrustation coming from a labyrinth (12th/13th century), following a reproduction in a catalog she bought in the Kunsthalle’s bookshop. Bozzetti covered with glass seem to be mysterious, but they are just made of almond paste. Surrounded by fake marble, fragments of the world and men’s works lure to amusement and obstinacy – fossilized and peasanty objects from the Black Forest included. Beyond individual style of handwriting Laura Lesser’s drawings, paintings and sculptures enquire the power, the sense of things and images. Her artworks are playing with aura, system and chaos, because in the „as if“ they hold the artist and the observer in the imagination’s spell of. Constantly there is a superfluity which eludes control and unambiguous classification.