opening hours

As part of Space Synthesis by Jan St. Werner the Kunsthalle extended its opening hours. Every Friday visitors are invited to visit the exhibition until 10 pm, free of charge. We are looking forward to welcoming you!


The para-curatorial program exists as an independent part of the exhibition. Various events and professional talks will take place in the synch space of the Kunsthalle, the city of Baden-Baden and the exhibition to broaden and discuss in community the questions of how we share and perceive sound, architecture, space and technologies.



Saturday, July 1

6 pm – Welcome Çağla Ilk (Director Kunsthalle Baden-Baden and curator of the exhibition)

6.05 pmmore-than-human performativity, vibrational spaces membranes – Performance by the artist Nicole L’Huillier

By carrying a custom-made vibrational membrane microphone in one hand and a horn speaker in the other, the artist will lead a procession from the outdoor public space to the inside of the museum. The membranal microphone will be receiving different types of vibrations around it that will be outputted as delayed noise patterns through the horn speaker; diffusing a ghostly echoed and noisy signature of the place. Inside the museum, the membrane will receive the vibrations that emanate from the spatial synthesis and mediate an improvised spatial remix of vibrations, feedback, and crossed signals that convolutes the space, the sound, the membrane, the performer, and the assistants.

7 pmSpatial studies (no:4) – Performance by the artist and researcher Michael Akstaller in the exhibition

8 pm – Closing party with the space pop duo Breaking Forms (Nicole L’Huillier and Juan Necochea) and a DJ-Set by Jan St. Werner

Sunday, July 2

3 pmWalking in cinematic close ups – The collective Dynamic Acoustic Research (DAF), actively supported by Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, presents their publication developed in the context of the exhibition “State and Nature”.

4 pmsyntheticspace.de – For the finissage of Space Synthesis, the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden will host a digital symposium that will discuss the background of the project and the digital layer in more depth.

With Jan St. Werner, Çağla Ilk, Nikola Bojić, Damir Gamulin, Goran Sergej Pristaš, and Lins Derry. Moderated by Dominik Busch.

The symposium will share notes on the reconceptualized exhibition space through Jan St. Werner’s granular sound synthesis and the new modes of depth sensing. What new rebellious spatial typology can emerge from here, especially in the era of synthetic media? Followed by a discussion on the choreography, performing bodies as performing data, on the dramaturgy of the emerging space, and on the capacities of real-time feedback with the audience.

You can watch the English-language online conversation live HERE on our YouTube channel.



Saturday, June 17

2 pmPercuspection – Performance of the artists Dodo NKishi and Tunde Alibaba

The performance Percuspection by the two accomplished drummers and percussionists Dodo NKishi and Tunde Alibaba, developed together with Jan St. Werner, is a play with the characteristics of the architecture surrounding them, whose resonances in turn affect them as performers and their musical choices. The urban space reacts, becomes a „band member“ and even the conductor of the two musicians and their entourage. With acoustic architectural stimuli, they drift on until the next building facade tells them how and where to go next. Always following their ears.

3 pmThresholds and Echoes: On Migrant Listening– Lecture by the author and scholar Louis Chude-Sokei

At the core of the collaborative work between Jan St. Werner and Louis Chude-Sokei have been a shared obsession with the relationship between sound and space, particularly the sonics of the built environment and the echoes of historical experiences. In this talk, Louis Chude-Sokei will discuss how his work emerges from the experience of Black and migrant groups as they move through and across multiple cultural spaces and historical landscapes.

5 pmThresholds: Dub Session – Dub-Set by Louis Chude-Sokei

For Louis Chude-Sokei Dub is a process of shaping sound in space. It is rooted in Jamaican music but has been routed through the venacular poetry of peoples in the Black Diaspora and their creative appropriations of technology. This set is his first in almost 20 years.

Sunday, June 18

12 noonSpace Synthesis – Catalog launch with Jan St. Werner, Çağla Ilk and Louis Chude-Sokei

The catalog for Werner’s first solo exhibition is the document of a practice that is directed against a conventional understanding of listening and investigates the productive power of sound from multiple perspectives. The book presentation provides insight to another level of the exhibition Space Synthesis, which can be experienced through the texts of various of Werner’s companions.

2 pmPercuspection – Performance of the artists Dodo NKishi and Tunde Alibaba


Saturday, May 20

2 pmSpaint Chords in Public Spaces – Performance in public space with Jan St. Werner, Eva Borrmann, Michael Akstaller, Elise Ludinard, Rudyard Schmidt and Silja Beck

In this performative tape composition five custom-built loudspeaker panels emit five continually shifting frequency bands in narrow sonic beams. The panels are handheld by five performers who choreograph their movements to allow for exchanges between their frequencies and to evoke acoustic responses from the surrounding space. The piece mixes electronically generated material with recordings of instruments including saxophone by Mats Gustafsson, bagpipes by Erwan Keravec, percussion by Dirk Rothbrust and electronics by Jan St. Werner. The speaker panels were designed by Michael Akstaller.

Sunday, May 21

2 pmsyntheticspace.de – Livestream on the new exhibition webspace

As part of Space Synthesis, the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden launches syntheticspace.de, a new web space that provides an additional visual layer to Jan St. Werner’s exhibition. Syntheticspace.de translates the propagation of visually barely perceptible sound particles in the Kunsthalle’s exhibition spaces into a visual system that incorporates both the agriculture and the visitors, while depicting how they influence this propagation. Through this additional digital layer, sound, space and bodies are brought together.


Friday, May 5

7 pm – Welcome by state secretary Arne Braun (Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg)

7:10 pm – Welcome and introduction by Çağla Ilk (Director Kunsthalle Baden-Baden and curator of the exhibition)

7:30 pm – Exhibition tour with Jan St. Werner and Çağla Ilk

8:30 pm – DJ-Set Nina Emge

9:30 pm – DJ-Set Andi Toma (Mouse on Mars)

Saturday, May 6

3 pm – Artist talk with Jan St. Werner and Çağla Ilk

3:45 pm – Artists and Scholars Michael Akstaller, Nina Emge, Gascia Ouzounian, Marcin Pietruszewski and Patricia Reed hold lectures and talks

5:45 pm – Performance by the composer and researcher Marcin Pietruszweski

Sunday, May 7

2 pm – Exhibition tour with Çağla Ilk

3 pm – Launch of the LP Space Synthesis, produced for the exhibition


We would like to point out that photographs and video recordings are made during events in which visitors may be recognizable and identifiable. The organizer may use the resulting material for publication for information and communication purposes, including on websites, social media or print products. By participating in events of the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, you agree to this.