Eva Gentner and Adrian Nagel

Award winner for Fine Arts of the Foundation for Fruit Painting and Sculpture – In the beginning was the apple

Central to the installation in the studio room 45cbm is a large cement carpet. The surface, with its fine folds and cracks, is reminiscent of natural rock formations. By passing over the viewer breaks and changes the structure. The loop is a composition of quiet subtle sounds, which is transformed by the movement of the visitor. The result is a walk-in sound carpet, which finally occupies the entire room.

Eva Gentner (* 1992, Ellwangen) lives and works in Mannheim and Heidelberg. She studied Fine Arts at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe under Prof. Helmut Dorner from 2012-2017. Adrian Nagel (* 1990, Offenbach am Main) studied composition in Dresden, Basel and Freiburg. a. with Mark Andre and Caspar Johannes Walter.