The 45cbm exhibition series will continue with a festive re-opening in July 2014, starting with a project by London-based artist Diana Policarpo (*1986, Portugal), who recently received a MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College. Her work can mainly be described as a spatial practice: Various media such as drawing, performance, sound, writing and spoken word open up different ways for her to delineate and activate objects and space. She composes and improvises time-based components for polyrhythmic sound sculptures and performative installations, which deal with the performative role that language and power play, both reflecting on reality and on the trandisciplinary field of cultural production.

For her exhibition at 45cbm, Policarpo will present a new multi-channel sound piece, accompanied by drawings and earthen plaster assemblages. These so-called “drunk sirens” operate both as speakers and vessels: rhythms and sounds are floating out of their bodies and form a mutual symphony. The space becomes a stage upon which an enigmatic scene unravels. A disembodied voice jostles to be heard over the litany of visual and aural noise, telling stories referring to concepts from science fiction, mythology and others.

Opening: Friday, July 4, 2014, 7 PM
Welcoming speech: Johan Holten
Introduction: Luisa Heese