During the COVID-19 pandemic and the second wave risk Rundgänge, graduation shows, and other art educational facilities are cancelled, and all the curriculum is based on online exchange, screen-share and digital forms of materialisation.

In order to connect with the future forms of artistic research and collective learning,  the new directors Çağla İlk and Misal Adnan Yıldız prioritise their invites for art, performance and directing classes from different parts of Germany. Correspondingly, the first project as part of the new artistic direction at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden is conceived as an imaginary form of collective gathering including both digital and physical levels for two weeks (September 19 – October 4, 2020). The project is designed in two stages of content development; first, a gathering in Autumn 2020, and later an exhibit for the Winter 2021 programme, proposing institutional distancing, cognitive proximity and self organisation as shared tools.

The duo is expressly interested in how these initiates who act already as a non-single body form or flexible entity organise themselves, communicate within each other and also make decisions together. In this sense, the future Kunsthalle commits to learn from their ways of self organisation for imagining structural changes. Based on acts, interventions, events and installs with physical bodies, shared mental spaces  and online entities, it searches for juxtaposed research channels, innovative forms of presentation, and also still-possible ways of social, professional and educational meetings during uncertain times.

Institutional Distancing

Based on the methodology of this project, the potential participants are able to define the critical distances they prefer to keep with the institutional framework through their own cognitive proximity.

They are free to access, edit and transform the collective act or work in progress; visit or not visit the location, travel or stay home on the basis of their contribution, condition and situation. Rather than a conventional form of artist residency, which mostly relocates their guests and throws them into a time-out-of-time void, this project defines a collective process, provides structures, production possibilities and a discussion environment, which are open to negotiation through online communication, physical gathering, remote control production  or hands on experience.

More info and program:

Join us online for the welcoming speech: “What are the Conditions of a Necessity” by Çağla İlk and Misal Adnan Yıldız on Saturday, September 19th, 8pm:

Open House

The scenography of CONDITIONS OF A NECESSITY can be visited at the following times:

Sun, 27 September: 10 am-6 pm
Mon, September 28: 10-11 am
Tue, 29 September: 10-11 am
Wed, 30 September: 10-11 am
Thu, 01 October: 11-12 am