The work Floating Fragments by the soundart collective Dynamic Acoustic Research (DAF) consists of a series of condensations and displacements of how conditions are a way to frame consequences in a complex world. It is anchored in a small publicly accessible fountain, doubling as a spa and the lost arms of the female statue on top of the fountain. The former contains the thermic water, which enabled the historical emergence of Baden-Baden as a site of contemporary art. By connecting Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden and the fountain through the collective sound, installation and performance, the two are transformed to explore another understanding of Baden-Baden’s urban history, economy, and ecology, on the one side, and labour and the appearance and disappearance of agency on the other side. Kunsthalle becomes a cold store and laboratory in which this process takes place.


Floating Fragments is a work by Susanne Dundler, Lucas Maximilian Frohn, Theresa Hartmann, Julius Jurkiewitsch, Valeria Stuflesser, Guoxin Tian, Linda Werner, Hans Wirsching.