Floating Fragments, 2021, links the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden as a media hybrid form of Dynamic Acoustic Research (DAF) with the publicly accessible fountain of the Caracalla-Therme and the sculpture Kniende (1944) by Ludwig Kasper installed there. Both places are connected by two actions that lead from the fountain to the Kunsthalle at the beginning of the exhibition period and from the Kunsthalle back to the fountain at its end. In the meantime, the action object generates itself in the concrete space of the exhibition through its own crystallization process, while the urban path between the two places is lined by QR links into the fluidity of the collective sound archive. Various elemental aggregate states in sound, sculpture, installation and performance explore a spectrum of references between the history of Baden-Baden, local localizations and the present conditions of artistic agency.


Floating Fragments is a work by Susanne Dundler, Lucas Maximilian Frohn, Theresa Hartmann, Julius Jurkiewitsch, Valeria Stuflesser, Guoxin Tian, Linda Werner, Hans Wirsching.