Berlin-based artist Annette Ruenzler will transform the studio space of the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden in a poetic cabinet. The objects and arrangements refer to the artist’s interest in social processes. She makes use of forms that have an obvious connection to the domestic use and are familiar from everyday life. Revised vases, lamps or upholstered furniture – have surreal alienations and have abandoned their original functions.

The Outside / Inside box, consisting of a window frame with recessed window casements, is allowing a view not to the outside, but into the interior of the underlying box. The leaning mirrors reflect the spaces and fragment the reflection of the viewer, which now looks like inside the box. A chair with holes in the seat and backrest is denying comfort until the openings are closed by inserting plugs of padding material. In the work Adaptationspositionen II, Fig. 1-12 (Filling the Void) those holes have been filled by a person. The photographic documentation of this choreography shows the user of the chair in different positions.

“Maintenance Permanente” – the title of the exhibition suggests: the order of things is constantly renegotiated, the viewer must be repeatedly reset his relationships to the objects. The works do not make direct statements, but call on to poetic readings that are multilayered and unstable. Here at the latest it is clear that visitors to the exhibition can expect a visual, humorous game. With her artistic processing of apparent everyday objects Annette Ruenzler succeeds scratching on the surface of our perceptions and expectations and creating unexpected moments.

Opening: Friday, July 24th, 7 PM
Welcoming Speech: Johan Holten
Introduction: Hendrik Bündge
Following the opening we cordially invite you to enjoy the end of the evening at the Café Kunsthalle.