In her video installations and performances the artist Anike Joyce Sadiq illuminates the tense field of social relations. For her exhibition at the studio space 45cbm at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, the artist developed a set for a video installation in which she examines the flickering between the eye and the gaze as a sphere of desire: A moving shadow draw us into the room, so that the viewer eventually becomes part of the projection and his gaze is thrown back upon him.

Playing with the supposed immediacy and authenticity of the medium video she creates interactive spaces for experiences in which concepts of objectivity and constructions of subjectivity are being questioned. In these stagings the visitor plays the role of the accomplice, as the works are frequently activated only by him.
Anike Joyce Sadiq (*1985) graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart and is currently a fellow of the Villa Romana in Florence.