For their exhibition HAUSEN at the studiospace 45cbm, artists Alina Schmuch and Franca Scholz have examined various places, their materials and surfaces. They took photographs of both the vastly expanding Olympic city Sochi – in cooperation with the Strelka Art Institute in Moscow – and its twin city Baden-Baden. For their installation at the studio space 45cbm, the students of the University of the Arts in Karlsruhe combine photography as well as sculptural work. Their specifically built display modules inside the exhibition are remniscent of constructivist elements.

At the opening of the exhibition Alina Schmuch’s and Franca Scholz’ new artist book Losk (published with Spector Books, Leipzig) will be released.

Opening: Friday, April 19, 2013, 7 PM

Introduction: Elena Korowin
Followed by:
Jan Wenzel (Spector Books) in conversation with Regine Ehleiter

Spector Books, Leipzig
Alina Schmuch