In response to the current corona virus situation, Peragine sets up “Auto Body Repair” “in remote control”. The Kunsthalle team hangs several monitors behind a construction foil provisionally attached with kinesio tape. They show newly created videos in which the objects originally made for the opening performance interact with human agents. Fragments of bodies and technology are placed in mutual dependencies: How do they become similar? Where do they support each other? Where do they deny themselves? “Auto Body Repair [in remote control]” invites us to decelerate our thinking about our own entanglements in current dependencies, to trace their material, psychological and social consequences, but also to discover resources for (self-)care and emancipatory action.



An essential extension of this examination is a multimedia document that was created in cooperation with the graphic designer Lena Thomaka. It is intended as a digital reference space for the exhibition that wants to explore new forms of accessibility in times of “physical distancing”.

You can download it here:

Alice Peragine (*1986 in Munich) lives and works in Hamburg and is the 2020 prizewinner of the Villa Romana in Florence

curated by Benedikt Seerieder

The exhibition is supported by LBBW – Stiftung Landesbank Baden-Württemberg.

Free admission