In his sculptural media work, Constantin Hartenstein examines narcissistic phenomena of a digital society and its fitness and self-optimization industry. The installation “NARC” negotiates the societal pursuit of optimized individuality, which faces lonely homogeneity. Visualizing this paradox, Hartenstein shows how the fitness industry’s advertising promises and their alchemy-like products are inscribing themselves into the bodies and behaviors of their users. The porch shrine, cast from protein powder particles, directs the gaze to its inner center: hermetically bounded by mirrors, the figure reminiscent of Narcissus deals only with its mirror image, while he is voyeuristically filmed by a camera. Lost in his own thought, the figure dissolves arrhythmically between the rooms into the luminous particles of his own consumption.

Constantin Hartenstein (* 1982) lives and works in Berlin. His works have already been shown at Berlinische Galerie, MoMA New York, GFZK Leipzig and Goethe Institut Peking.

Opening: Friday, 20.9.2019, 7pm
Welcome: Hendrik Bündge, Introduction: Johannes Honeck

Constantin Hartenstein, NARC, 2019, Epoxy Resin, Hot Blood 3.0 Blue Guarana Pre-Workout Booster, LED, Water, Video, 2x2x3m, © Studio Hartenstein, Kunsthalle Baden-Baden

Cinematography: Anne Brown
Actor: Saïd Oulali
Sound Design: Tommi Toivonen
Set Assistance: Marie-Luce Theis, Alexander Wilmschen

With friendly support from

Renate und Waltraut Sick Stiftung, Silikonfabrik,