“The ‘Undreamt Descent’ mentioned in the title is by no means a slow and controlled downwards movement, but rather an uncertain stumbling and letting go, reminiscent of a descent into a preconscious state of mind. The biography of the artist, a point of departure for all her works, appears to be full of political and very real associations. A Kenyan immigrant to the United States who has won great acclaim far beyond her new home in New York City, Wangechi Mutu seems to have decided to work with, rather than against, all of the stereotypical mental images the viewer might associate with her background.”

The catalogue is published on the occasion of the solo exhibition “Solch ungeahnte Tiefen / This Undreamt Descent – Werke von Wangechi Mutu” (14.7.-30.9.2012) at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden.
Solch ungeahnte Tiefen / This Undreamt Descent. Wangechi Mutu. Ed. Johan Holten. With texts by Joyce Bidouzo-Coudray, Johan Holten, Johannes Honeck, Franklin Sirmans. Cardboard slipcase with 32 post cards, 21 coloured images, Texs in German and English language. Published with Verlag für moderne Kunst Nurnberg.
ISBN: 978-3-86984-369-8

Published on the occasion of ›This Undreamt Descent‹

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