17.07. – 31.10.2021

Opening with poetry: 16.07.2021, 6 p.m.

State and Nature is the first major exhibition presented by the team under the new direction at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden. The exhibition departs from the Kunsthalle’s location and history in the dynamic urban fabric of the city – between representation, reconstruction, and luxury. Kunsthalle’s team developed this exhibition under pandemic conditions – in other words, at a time when structures have become visible and the categories of order and disorder have been called into question.

In particular, the newly commissioned art works and collaborations generated for State and Nature provide a framework for revisiting these two concepts and looking at the Kunsthalle’s immediate surroundings through different eyes. The works call for a new perspective on historical developments of state, citizenship, and social order, point to limited worldly resources, and ask genealogical questions about human presence on earth.

With newly conceived works and artistic contributions by:
Andreas Achenbach, Sina Ataeian Dena, Khaled Barakeh, Yael Bartana, Mehtap Baydu, Alfredo Ceibal, Mahmut Celayir, DAF (Dynamische Akustische Forschung), Simone Demandt, Egemen Demirci & Sunette L. Viljoen, Simon Denny, Silvina Der Meguerditchian, Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani, Regina José Galindo, Anike Joyce Sadiq, Stelios Kallinikou, Henrik Olesen, Alexandra Pirici, Agnieszka Polska, Jimmy Robert, Robodynamische Diffusion: RDD ( Michael Akstaller, Nele Jäger, Oliver Mayer, Jan St. Werner ), Gabriel Rossell Santillán, Neda Saeedi, Cengiz Tekin, Anton Vidokle, Jan St. Werner

State and Nature will be expanded through a discussion, performance, and event programme with Alexandra Pirici, Regina José Galindo, Mehtap Baydu, and Denise Ferreira da Silva, among others, which will be announced before the opening day on www.kunsthalle-baden-baden.de.

State and Nature is co-conceived by the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden team.