Since its opening in 1909 – and especially since the 1960s – the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden has been committed to the examination of international contemporary art. Throughout its long history, this commitment has been questioned again and again by its directors. 

Located in the middle of the idyllic park of Lichtentaler Allee in the spa town of Baden-Baden, the listed building of the Kunsthalle has been connected to the neighboring Museum Frieder Burda by a bridge since 2004. While the Kunsthalle has been realizing exhibitions since its foundation as a temporary exhibition house, the Museum Frieder Burda houses one of the most important private German art collections. Thus, one of the first public-private partnership links between a public institution and a private museum in Germany was established, combining the variety of two exhibition houses with different mandates.

Over the years the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden has thus established itself as an important source of inspiration for the presentation of internationally recognized contemporary art in the city, the region and beyond. The exhibitions make the changes and differences of a globally networked world visible and tangible, and thus have a direct impact on the civil society in which it is anchored. In the process, all previous exhibitions form the ephemeral collection of the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden at their core, documented in over 360 publications and exhibition catalogs.

Since 2019, this rich exhibition history has been digitally processed. In constant change, digital processes are initiated, which form the increasing importance of “virtual exhibiting” in the display of digital devices for the 21st century.